Who starts the game?

The player that has the highest scoring Tri-Omino with three of the same number.

What is the highest scoring Tri-Omino that can be played first?

That's a trick question.  The tile that equals the  most points when added together is the Tri-Omino with three 5's.  However if no one has this tile or one with three 4's, 3's, 2's or 1's then the if a player has the Tri-Omino with three 0's they can play this one first and earn 30 extra points plus the 10 points earned from playing a Tri-Omino that has three of the same number.

No one has a Tri-omino with three of the same number to start the game. What do we do?

Don't worry.  Have the player with the Tri-Omino that equals the largest number start the game. Note: If you don't play a Tri-Omino with three of the same number then you do not earn any of the bonus points.  The scorekeeper will only add the numbers together from the Tri-Omino played.

Why do I have to keep the tiles I pull from the “well” separate from the other Tri-Ominos in my hand?

It's just easier for the scorekeeper to add up how many points to subtract after you find the Tri-Omino you can play from the well.

I chose a Tri-Omino I can play from the “well.” Do I wait to play it on my next turn?

No.  You will play it on the same turn you picked it.

I’ve opened the game for the first time and am missing a tile. How can I get a new one?

We're so sorry to hear that.  We would be more than happy to send you a replacement. Please go to the contact us page to find out how to contact us about receiving this replacement.

I played all my tiles from my tray. Did I win the game?

No.  Tri-Ominos plays many rounds.  The winner is the first player to score 400 points.

Where can I find a list of all the Tri-Omino tiles?

Click the download button below to download a .pdf containing a list of all 56 Tri-Omino tiles. download triomino tile list here

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